The Inspiration Behind the Aloha Collection

The Aloha Collection: The Story of Inspiration

“I saw you in my dreams
We were walking hand in hand
On a white sandy beach
Of Hawai'i”

-Israel Kamakawiwoʻole


Whenever I hear Israel's songs expressing his love for his Hawai'i I am immediately transported back to our trips to the Pacific islands. The white sandy beaches that he sings of are beautiful without a doubt. But just as captivating are the red and black sand beaches, especially when contrasted with white capped wind blown turquoise waters.


One thing I have learned after traveling to Hawai'i several times is the surprising amount of diversity in the landscape. The Big Island's volcano and hot spring terrain are breathtaking, and some parts of the island looks like scenery from another planet; the upcountry goat and lavender farms of Maui are charming; and the tropical jungles of Kaua'i rival those of the Caribbean. Not only is the diversity of landscape incredible, so is the diversity of food and culture, especially in cities like Honolulu and Waikiki on Oahu.



In 2018 we were fortunate enough to return to Maui. In 2019 we returned to Oahu, and for the fist time visited the "Big Island" of Hawai'i. I was pregnant on the trips so our adventures revolved more around eating and exploring towns and cities by foot instead of relishing in whole island views achieved by arduous day long hikes. However, by taking it slow I was able to appreciate a different vantage point-one that consisted of up close beauty and in the moment vistas.



On these trips I watched the best female surfers in the world compete in the Beachwaver Maui Pro and see Stephanie Gilmore chilling at the airport while waiting for her flight. I witnessed some of the most dramatic sunsets (and moonsets!) to date. And I was able to funnel all of my nesting energy into my jewelry. I sat next to tidal pools filled with sea turtles, tropical fish, and even a sea snake (eeek!) as I worked away at my craft.



When designing collections that are inspired by travels, I use the colors of the natural environment and the rhythm of the society as inspiration. The Aloha Collection is no different.

The white sandy beaches with pale pink hues inspired the design of the Carved Pink Opal Bloom Earrings and Solitaire Necklace set. I tried to capture the essence of the lush tropical greenery combined with stunning purple sunsets in the Big Island Necklace. And the most dramatic piece-the Kona Lava Stone Necklace-is my attempt to channel the rugged beauty of lava rock meeting windward seas.

For us, traveling to the Hawaiian islands is synonymous with adventure. We love to surf, hike, and drive our rental car around the island like two bumble bees attempting to taste every flower in the garden. We always experience enough to keep our days full, and leave enough items unfinished on our adventure list to make sure we have a reason to go back. Just writing makes me long for our next trip.

Much aloha,