My Summer in the Dominican Republic

My Summer in the Dominican Republic

My stay in the vibrant country of Dominican Republic this past summer has left me yearning to go back. It is situated on the island formally known as Quisqueya, which means "mother of all lands" in the aboriginal Taino language. The moniker is a perfect fit because Dominican Republic is dripping with life. Plants grow everywhere, and each crevice and crack serves as a crucible for eye catching flora. Air plants flourish on telephone wires; orchids, which are stapled to a palm trunk plaques for decoration, thrive without nurturing. Like seriously, despite my best efforts I end up killing anything that is not a succulent. Here the orchids dangle with their roots exposed and thrive from the frequent rain showers. As with each trip to the DR, I was in a constant state of awe from the island's fertility. My favorite place in the Dominican Republic is Las Terrenas. Once a small and quiet fishing community, Las Terrenas has become a chevere expat hub that caters to an authentic bohemian lifestyle.

The beaches are unspoiled, the french bakeries and seafood are top notch, and the freshly squeezed citrus and rum cocktails are cheap. It is more laid back than the rest of the island's cities, and it is just my pace. Playa Bonita in particular has a piece of my heart. The beach is well known by locals for its surf, and it has a thriving surf community thanks in part to local entrepreneurs like Carolina of Carolina Surf School. Playa Bonita's soft morning hues and starlit night skies were the primary influence behind the Quisqueya Collection.

Playa Bonita, Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

The DR is more than a place; it evokes memories of the warmth of its people, its rich modern-day culture juxtaposed with its contentious historical past, and its stunning and varied landscapes. When traveling throughout the small country you experience a different landscape, a different climate, and a different rhythm in each corner. My husband, who is of Dominican decent, calls this the place of “beautiful chaos” and I couldn’t agree more.

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